OSHA30Construction Online Training in Texas

Since Texas doesn’t have an official state plan, workers are subject to the laws and regulations of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Workers in Texas who opt for supervisory or managerial roles in the construction industry must take Online OSHA 30 training in Texas since Federal OSHA mandates it, and most employers prefer OSHA 30 certified employees to those who don’t have any prior training.

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Unlock the best site safety procedures and prevention measures through OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training and save yourself and your company from serious OSHA violations.
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Unlock the best site safety procedures and prevention measures through OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training and save yourself and your company from s...
30 HRS
$189 $150
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Unlock the best site safety procedures and prevention measures through OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training and save yourself and your company from serious OSHA violations.
30 HRS
$189 $150

OSHA30Construction training online is crucial since it plays a significant role in preventing illnesses, accidents, mishaps, and fatalities by upgrading workers’ awareness and knowledge regarding potential workplace hazards. In addition, investing in OSHA 30 training provides several benefits, including:

  • Preventing OSHA penalties and serious charges.
  • Reducing workers’ compensation costs.
  • Enhancing productivity and work performance.

Construction Industry Statistics in Texas

The construction industry boosted Texas’ $1.99 trillion GDP by $93 billion (4.7%). In Texas in 2021, there were 57,000 construction businesses. Texas saw total private nonresidential spending of $51 billion in 2021. $40 billion was spent on state and local government.

Texas had 785,700 people employed in the construction industry in August 2022, an increase of 50,000 (6.8%) from August 2021 and 4,600 (0.6%) from February 2020.

According to the August 2022 AGCAutodesk Workforce Survey, 93% of vacant hourly craft positions are in Texas and 93% in the United States.

Three of Texas’s top five most common construction jobs had median annual salaries above $52,000 in 2021.

30-Hours OSHA Construction

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Labor Laws in Texas

Fair Employment PracticesIn terms of job discrimination, Texas law mostly follows federal law. For private businesses with 15 or more employees, the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act (Texas Labour Code, Chapter 21) is applicable. Race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, handicap, and genetic data are examples of protected qualities.

The TCHRA forbids employers from retaliating against staff members who file charges or complaints, object to discriminatory or other unlawful employment practices, testify in court, or otherwise participate in investigations, proceedings, or hearings.
Minimum WageBy reference, Texas follows the federal minimum wage standard. The criteria for applying for the tip credit differ slightly.
Child LaborTexas abides by federal law concerning the jobs children are not allowed to have and the restrictions on driving, soliciting, and selling to minors and sexually explicit companies.
Pay FrequencyNonexempt employees must receive payment at least twice a month, while exempt employees must receive payment no less frequently. To the extent practicable, an employer shall distribute biweekly payments over an equal number of days.
Wage DeductionsUnder state law, wages may only be deducted for legitimate purposes when the employer has the employee's written consent to do so, is compelled to do so by state or federal law, is subject to a court order, or is otherwise required to do so by law.
Health Care ContinuationIndividuals not covered by the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) (i.e., those employed by an employer with fewer than 20 employees) must receive continuation coverage for nine months, and individuals who the federal COBRA covers must receive continuation coverage for an additional six months after the federal COBRA coverage ends.
Leaves of AbsenceAll employers are subject to the laws of Texas regarding mandated time off and leaves of absence for workers. These rules cover things like political leave, voting leave, military leave, jury duty leave, court attendance leave, and leave for military emergencies.
Weapons in the WorkplaceEmployers can forbid licensed individuals from carrying handguns on their property. The employer must make it clear verbally or in writing that carrying a weapon on the premises is prohibited.
Safe Driving PracticesIn Texas, unless the vehicle is stopped, it is illegal to use a wireless communication device to read, write, or send an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle.
Final PayA terminated employee shall be compensated in full by the following regularly scheduled payday.

Employees must get their final paycheck within six days of the termination date.

Only if a written agreement or written employer policy calls explicitly for payment of such benefits, accrued vacation, sick leave, and paid time off (PTO) must be paid upon termination of employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety coordinator, Evidence technician, Equipment operator, Maintenance mechanic, Site safety and health officer, Site superintendent etc.

There is no stated expiry date by OSHA. However, employees must renew their OSHA cards every five years due to specific changes in occupational standards.

Yes, an Online OSHA 30-hour training course is accepted in Texas.

Since OSHA30Construction training teaches essential safety topics, most employers in Texas require supervisors and managers to complete OSHA 30 training.

No, Texas falls under the administration of Federal OSHA.

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