NY 30 Hour Construction online training program is designed especially for supervisors. NYC Local Law 196 states that the course is "Actively Proctored."

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Course Details

OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training (New York) Under the light of Local Law 196, the NYC OSHA 30 online construction course is designed to meet the OSHA New York State Plan requirements. OSHA 30-hour Construction NYC educates candidates and employers who are New York-based and work at hazardous construction sites. This course fulfills the OSHA 30 NYC training obligation to be Actively Proctored whenever the candidate logs in to the OSHA 30 construction course. OSHA NYC 30 Hour Construction safety training educates you on how to be vigilant and cautious so that you can identify and prevent Construction site hazards.

OSHA NYC 30 Hour Construction safety training educates you on how to be vigilant and cautious so that you can identify and prevent Construction site hazards. Ensure compliance with OSHA standards and regulations specific to New York City, guaranteeing a safer work environment. Learn and implement safe practices for working in confined spaces, handling cranes and rigging, operating motor vehicles and mechanized equipment, and addressing marine hazards and motorized mobile platforms. Identify potential dangers at construction sites when utilizing hand and power tools, operating forklifts, and working with concrete and masonry. Gain essential knowledge in selecting and using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for enhanced workplace safety.

Note: This course will expire in 6 months, starting from the time you purchase the course.

Course Outline

Listed down are the topics which individuals will cover in OSHA NYC 30 Hour construction training:

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Managing Safety and Health
  • Struck and Caught Hazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Lead and Crystalline Silica
  • Asbestos
  • GHS Hazard Communication
  • Electrical Safety
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Fall Protection
  • Ladder Safety
  • Excavations
  • Scaffolds
  • Crane Safety
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Forklift Safety
  • Materials Handling
  • Permit-Required Confined Spaces
  • Fire Safety
  • Welding and Cutting
  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Steel Erection
  • Ergonomics
  • Final Exam


Workers and employers who operate at a New York construction site need to complete OSHA 30-Hour online construction training. Listed below are some common designations who mandatorily need to take this course:

  • Superintendent
  • Supervisor
  • Site Safety Manager
  • Site Safety Coordinator

Regulations & Guidelines

The rules and guidelines for taking the online OSHA 30 NYC Construction course are easily followable. Candidates need to follow a few exam decorum regulations and guidelines to pass the exams successfully, which are stated below:

1 Candidates need 70% marks or more to pass the New York OSHA 30-hour course. After the learning procedure, candidates will proceed to an online exam with questions relevant to what they have studied in the course previously.
2 Candidates will be given three generous attempts to pass the NYC OSHA 30 hour online construction course. In case of failing all three attempts, candidates can repurchase the course again and take a fresh start.
3 The online OSHA New York 30 construction exam can be taken entirely online. It can be taken wherever the candidates want, only if it satisfies the condition of giving 7.5 hours each day to the course by OSHA.
4 Upon successfully completing your OSHA 30 Hour NYC online course, you will instantly receive a certificate of completing the OSHA 30 course, which candidates can download and easily get printed.
5 The DOL/SST Card will be delivered within 90 days at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, OSHA 30 construction training is not mandatory, but since most employers in New York require workers to show OSHA 30 card as proof of completing OSHA 30 construction training, it is advised for construction workers to enroll in 30-Hour OSHA training.

The state-specific regulations that apply to the construction industry in New York are Permissible Exposure Limits 12 NYCRR Part 800.5, Toxic Substance Training, education, and Information 12 NYCRR Part 820, Emergency Escape and Self-Rescue Ropes and System Components for Firefighters 12 NYCRR Part 800.7 is applicable, and Workplace Violence Prevention 12 NYCRR Part 800.6

In New York, mostly OSHA 30 construction online training from OSHA-authorized course providers is preferred to meet the training requirements of the New York City Department of Building, and the course must be actively voice-proctored.

OSHA30Construction provides OSHA-authorized training since our providers our OSHA-approved.

Yes, if you relocate to any other US state, your OSHA 30 construction certificate obtained in New York will be valid, but it is advised to take another training course since most states have state-specific OSHA standards and requirements.

Though the NY state government provides no particular financial assistance programs or subsidies, you may contact the NY State Department of Labor, local workforce development offices, trade unions, construction industry associations, and accredited training providers.

Since the OSHA 30 construction certificate never expires, you don’t need to worry about its validity in New York, but employers may ask you to repeat training to refresh your knowledge.

Employers and employees in New York must report any occurrence of injuries and accidents to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the NYC Department of Buildings. In addition, individuals can also file compensation claims after work-related incidents.

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