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OSHA 30 Construction Group Enrollment

At OSHA30Construction, we strongly believe in promoting and ensuring workplace health and safety and the well-being of workers in the construction sector.  

Our Group Enrollment aspect for the OSHA 30-Hour construction course provides access to register multiple individuals from the same company or business for the OSHA 30 construction training together. Instead of enrolling each employee separately, the corporates can commence the registration procedure for many employees simultaneously, which is a more efficient and cost-effective way to safety training, starting from 2 seats to more than 16 seats.

OSHA Course 2 – 5 Seats 6 – 15 Seats 16+ Seats
OSHA 30 Construction $140 $135 $130

The group enrollment option of OSHA 30 construction training benefits employers and organizations who want to ensure that workers under them obtain up-to-date site safety awareness and knowledge and comply with OSHA regulations and standards.

In addition, it also educates workers comprehensively about the essential site safety topics related to the construction industry to ensure they can recognize, manage, and prevent potential hazards on their own. Moreover, group discounts will also result in a cost-effective solution for employers by getting employees OSHA 30 certified in bulk.

Products Price Quantity Action
OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training
OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training (New York)
OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training (Spanish)
30-Hours OSHA Construction

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$150 instead of $189

Why Choose OSHA30Construction’s Group Enrollment?

The group enrollment option at OSHA30Construction for the OSHA 30-Hour Construction training course is specifically designed for employers and construction industries looking to elevate the OSHA safety standards and regulations and OSHA compliance among the workforce. 

Given below are some of the benefits of choosing our group enrollment option:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: 

By enrolling multiple employees at the same time in the OSHA 30 Construction course, employers can avail of special group discounts, which ensures that their investment in OSHA 30 construction training has maximum value for their company.

  • Streamlined Administration: 

Individually supervising workers’ enrollment can be very time-consuming and stressful. With OSHA 30 Construction course group enrollment, we manage the administrative tasks, making the procedure smooth and stress-free for you. Our customer care agents are available 24/7 to help you register your workers and dispense progress updates throughout the OSHA 30 construction training.

  • Consistent Training: 

OSHA 30 group enrollment ensures that all individuals achieve the same first-rate online safety training, encouraging a consistent, safe, and healthy workplace culture in all establishments, which leads to productivity and a hazard-free work environment.

  • Flexible Learning Schedule: 

Since our 30-Hour OSHA construction course is available in a flexible online format, participants can complete the OSHA 30 training at their own pace and comfort of their homes, minimizing any potential hazards and disruption to their daily job responsibilities.

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How Does Group Enrollment Work?

Getting multiple employees enrolled in the OSHA 30 construction course through our group enrollment procedure is very simple and easy to understand:

Step1: Contact Us:

Upon deciding how many employees you wish to enroll, contact our team through our provided contact number or email or chat support. Let us know the number of individuals and other queries you need to ask.

Step 2: Enrollment Assistance: 

Once we confirm your provided details, you will be assisted by our customer support representatives in setting up the manager account for your group enrollment which authorizes you to supervise your OSHA 30 construction training of your employees. In addition, you’ll be provided with unique credentials/login details for each individual to access the course material smoothly.

Step 3: Monitor Progress

To stay vigilant and ensure your employees’ training progress, you will be guided on how to operate the manager account to stay updated on your employees’ progress throughout the OSHA 30 construction training course. You and the employees may contact us if there’s a query or questions related to the online training format.

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Always remember that investing in the safety and welfare of your workplace and workforce is crucial to reliable and responsible business management!

Take the first step towards a health and safety workplace today by contacting us and enrolling your employees in the OSHA 30 construction online training through our seamless group enrollment option and demonstrating a commitment to their well-being and contributing to the success and growth of the construction industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The OSHA 30 Construction group enrollment allows multiple employees of a company to get enrolled at the same time. As the number of seats increases, the discount rate also increases, thus benefiting employees and employers on a larger scale. On the other hand, for individual registration, the employee has to pay the full payment, while in group enrollment, multiple employees can get discounts.

The group enrollment for OSHA 30 Construction starts with a minimum of two seats.

Employees in large numbers can get OSHA certified at the same time, ensuring workplace safety and compliance with OSHA standards and regulations. In addition, more employees will be benefited from the discounts offered in group enrollment.

Yes, the price rate per course is $140 for two to five seats, $135 for six to fifteen seats, and $130 for more than sixteen seats.

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