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OSHA30Construction Online Training in Mississippi

Since Mississippi doesn’t have an official state plan, workers are subject to the laws and regulations of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Workers in Mississippi who opt for supervisory or managerial roles in the construction industry must take Online OSHA 30 training in Mississippi since Federal OSHA and most employers mandate it prefers OSHA 30 certified employees over those without prior training.

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Unlock the best site safety procedures and prevention measures through OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training and save yourself and your company from serious OSHA violations.
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Unlock the best site safety procedures and prevention measures through OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training and save yourself and your company from s...
30 HRS
$189 $150
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Unlock the best site safety procedures and prevention measures through OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training and save yourself and your company from serious OSHA violations.
30 HRS
$189 $150

OSHA30Construction training online is crucial since it plays a significant role in preventing illnesses, accidents, mishaps, and fatalities by upgrading workers’ awareness and knowledge regarding potential workplace hazards. In addition, investing in OSHA 30 training provides several benefits, including:

  • Preventing OSHA penalties and serious charges.
  • Reducing workers’ compensation costs.
  • Enhancing productivity and work performance.

Construction Industry Statistics in Mississippi

The construction industry provided Mississippi’s GDP of $118.8 billion to $4.4 billion (3.7%).

In Mississippi, private nonresidential spending reached $1.1 billion in 2019. $1.5 billion was spent on state and municipal expenses.

In July 2020, 40,100 people were employed in the construction industry in Mississippi, a fall of 10.1% from July 2019 and a reduction of 37% from the state’s peak in April 2008.

Four of Mississippi’s top five most prevalent construction occupations paid more on average than the average for all Mississippi workers in 2019.

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Labor Laws in Mississippi

Discrimination LawsAccording to Mississippi law, employers are typically not allowed to discriminate against employees based on traits like current or past involvement in the armed forces, clearing a criminal record, or using tobacco products outside of work hours.

Additionally, Mississippi has an equal pay statute that forbids gender-based wage discrimination by companies with five or more employees.
Criminal ChecksEmployers may obtain state conviction and arrest records if they have the subject of the record's written consent or if doing so is otherwise permitted by state or federal law.
Drug TestingAs a condition of employment, a Mississippi company may ask job candidates to submit to neutral selection drug and alcohol testing. Drug and alcohol testing programs only collect confidential information.

If an employer demands pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, they must notify all candidates that they may be tested. The notice must be given when the application is submitted and before the test specimen is collected.
E-VerifyThe Employment Protection Act of Mississippi mandates that all companies sign up for and use E-Verify to check the employment authorization status of all newly recruited workers. Only legally resident immigrants or US citizens may be employed by an employer.

Additionally, any third-party employer in Mississippi must show proof of registration and participation in the E-Verify program to any Mississippi employer with whom they do business.
Breastfeeding BreaksEmployees may express breast milk while taking breaks for meals or other activities supplied by the employer in Mississippi. In Mississippi, companies are not required to give their staff breaks or meals.
Child LaborMississippi's child labor laws place limitations on the kind of jobs that children can hold as well as the hours and days that they can work.

In Mississippi, minors under the age of 14 are prohibited from working in any mill, cannery (apart from a fruit or vegetable cannery), workshop, factory, or manufacturing enterprise. Between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., minors between the ages of 14 and 16 are not permitted to work in these facilities for longer than eight hours per day, for more than 44 hours per week, or any other period.
Health Care ContinuationThe health care continuation statute in Mississippi applies to all businesses. According to the law, employees and their insured dependents whose coverage ends for whatever reason must receive continuation coverage. Contrary to federal COBRA, the state law offers continuation coverage for up to 12 months and does not bar employees from being fired for serious misconduct.
Payment of WagesThe employer must pay the total wages owed to employees in cash or as checks that may be fully cashed at banks with no hassle. An employer may issue payroll debit cards or direct deposits if specific requirements are completed.
Pay StatementsFor each pay period during which deductions are made, an employer must give each employee a statement of the deductions made from their salary.
Pay FrequencyNon-exempt workers must be paid at least twice a month on scheduled paydays set out in advance. For genuine executive, supervisory, and other particular classifications of employees, an employer may set up regular paydays that happen less frequently than semimonthly, so long as the employees are paid in full at least monthly.
Wage DeductionsDeductions from an employee's pay that are mandated by federal or state law or that the employee has approved (such as payments into benefit plans, personal savings accounts, or charity contributions) may be made by the employer.
Leaves of AbsenceThere are few laws in Mississippi governing mandated time off and employee leaves of absence that apply to all firms. These laws cover things like jury duty, crime victims, and military leave.
Weapons in the WorkplaceIn Mississippi, unless the employer restricts public access to the parking area, it is illegal for an employer to forbid employees from transporting or storing a gun in a locked vehicle in a parking lot, garage, or other designated parking space. Employers may prohibit their staff from keeping weapons in corporate cars.
Safe Driving PracticesMississippi has laws prohibiting using a hand-held mobile phone to text or use social media while driving.
Final PayThe company must pay a terminated employee for all unused vacation time not used before the termination if an employer policy, employment agreement, or union contract calls for paid vacations and does not contain forfeiture clauses. Regardless of whether the termination was voluntary, involuntary, or the result of the employer closing, the vacation time must be reimbursed at the final rate of pay.

All wages due to a deceased employee may be paid by an employer to individuals in a specific order, starting with the employee's spouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety supervisor, Safety manager, Site safety and health officer, Forklift operator, Foreman, Electrical technician etc.

There is no stated expiry date by OSHA. However, employees must renew their OSHA cards every five years due to specific changes in occupational standards

Yes, an Online OSHA 30-hour training course is accepted in Mississippi.

Since Mississippi doesn’t have an official state plan, the workers and workplaces fall under the jurisdiction of Federal OSHA.

You can get OSHA certified upon the successful completion of OSHA online training courses.

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